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Social Media

Establish or update your web presence including a Facebook page, blog, Twitter, MySpace page, and more. We can even provide training to help you maintain basic updates of your site’s information (news, events, photos, etc)

Facebook pages allow you to share and promote your business, organization or self to others around the world with wall (blog) posts, photos, and more.

MySpace is similar to (and the predecesor to) the Facebook wall in that you can share and personalize your MtSpace wall with other contant like music, art, and content boxes.

Twitter is one of the best ways to connect with others in messages with a maximum length of 140 characters, the length of a mobile text message. Posting a message is called a "tweet" and tweeting is the fastest way of connecting with other social media users. You can send & receive tweets via computer, tablet, or mobile phone.

Google Plus has entered the social media arena with it's ability to share and rate sites. If you see the "+1" on a page, and you are signed into Google, you can click on it and share with others in the Google community. Applying this to your own web site/page allows others to do the same for your business or organization.

Web logs or "blogs" are a great way to post updates, news, events, and more on your site or a hosted service such as Wordpress, Blogger and others. Blogs allow you, the writer, to post your information, thoughts, and announcements and give other people the option to comment on them. Similar to Facebook's wall or timeline postings, which is a blog with other services integrated, it is very easy to use. The writing can be the tougher part since you will need to provide the content to write about. You can get started by yourself by visiting our Self-Service page and clicking any of the links under 'blogs' to find a list of blog services. many which are free.

We can help integrate these into your own website to seamlessly enhance your visitor experience. Grab your domain name to further unify your brand across all these and other sites & services.


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