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SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Making your website or e-commerce store searchable by relevant terms is very important for people to find you. You have to think "How would someone who does not know my business name / domain name find my site or store online?" The answer may not be so simple though. There are many terms people could use to search for you and similar sites. Knowing how to implement the proper search engine optimization for your site makes a great difference in where you rank in search results. No one can guarantee you the #1 spot as the different search engines use different formulas, and one of the factors that no one can cheat is time - how long your site is up. There are many other factors in the search formulas and they go through periodic changes to keep results valid.

SEO is a labor-intensive process because to get your site into the right set of desired results, we (or anyone) needs to go through your site and manually pull keywords, page info, descriptions, terms, and more, then apply the best formatting to get your site ranking higher. Our SEO starts at $50.00 / page (based upon max page length of 50,000 / 50K characters). We format your site search to be seen by several of the main search engines, including Google, Yahoo, Bing, Lycos, Ask, Roadrunner, Excite, and others.

If you prefer to try it yourself, we have that option available for training or buy our self-service guide (coming soon).

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