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Logo & Graphic Design

Whether you need a logo for yourself, your business, or other needs, you can create your own logo easily with little or no experience in graphic design. There are several sites out there that make this easy for you to point, click, drag & type. Below is our list of sites where you can try your hand at desigining your logo. Best of all, they are free* to try and work with (* the finished logo may have a cost to download and use).

Logomaker by HP is a great site that is self-guided and takes you through the creative process step-by-step. Using your finished design will have a fee, but the design part is free to use so we recommend this as a great way to get some ideas in a visual representation quickly.

CoolText offers a free text logo design service that is also easy to go through and create or edit your text-based logo. Final use is free so you can download it and start using it right away.



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