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We realize many of you have the ability to do it yourself and that is OK with us. It saves you money by you doing the set-up for yourself or your organization. Using these recoomnended resources means if you get stuck, and cannot reach their support line, we may still be able to help you or step in to finish the work you started (normal rates apply).

A note of caution: When you set up your projects, accounts, etc with any of these or other resources, please do not rush through the set-up or sign-up process and verify / proofread your information before committing the order / completing the process!. We see many who submit an prder for printing and afterward they notice a typo or other error. Once you submit, you own it and no changes can be made. The only way to correct them is to place a reorder (although we have printed custom labels to fit over some errors, but we charge for this service under print & design rates).

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Media Services

  • audio, video, photo slideshows, DVD & CD recording.


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