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About Us

1988 - Nightstyles™ is founded in August as a production and entertainment organization specializing in Deejay and audio services. 

1990 - Nightstyles™ expands into Karaoke shows at several Tampa Bay pubs and clubs. We introduced a unique video advertising method with an Atari 600XL and a VCR. These Video Billboards promoted club and pub specials, events, and other sponsors

1994 - Nightstyles™ Productions offers Video production for weddings and small businesses. 

1997 - Nightstyles™ Productions offers Web design services and introduces WAVE(sm). WAVE was an acronym for Web, Audio, Video, and Entertainment, which is a summary of the services we offer.

2000 - Nightstyles™ Promotions offers planning, setup, and running of promotional events.

2001 - Nightstyles™ Travel was our travel agency committed to guest satisfaction to earn your travel business.

2002 - Nightstyles™ Design is our renamed production business offering concept to completion web sites, printed materials and media production.

2003 - In Style Travel™ was our renamed travel business. Phased out in 2008.


Logo history

Spirits Disc Sensations was my first Deejay business. I wanted a "cool 3-D" logo, so I designed this for flyers in 1983.

Rockin' Ron™ Productions came about when many of my classmate in high school gave me the nickname in the fall of 1985. I adapted a "signature look " for this logo.

Paradise Productions came about in summer 1987 and lasted about one year. It was a short-lived name because a company in Florida was already using it when I moved there in 1988. Since I could only use it in New York, I designed a new name and logo in Florida.

Nightstyles™ Productions was created in August 1988 and listed as my business identity. The pink "swish" in the shape of the letter "N" gave this logo the look of the 1980s with its bright flashy style.

Ron & Ron Karaoke Productions, a spin-off of Nightstyles™ Productions, was set up with my friend "Radical Ron " Rose in 1990-93. We ran many shows in bars and at parties and became known for our fun and high-energy shows which enticed many talented and shy singers to our stage.

The Nightstyles™ Productions logo for 1993 was inspired by the more "electric" look of the early 1990s. I went with primary colors because I've always had blue and usually red in the previous artwork and felt that adding gold to the logo makes it a little distinguished.

I created the current Nightstyles™ logo in January 2000. This bold, new look has the classic blue background, with the "millennium-inspired" look of gold.
In 2001, I added turquoise to the lettered headings and as a complement color. 

In 2003 I changed the font to "Penwin" to add a little style but maintain the professional look. The Blue is simply a reverse to the gold logo for printed matter. The gold (2000) is still our main logo.

This 2004 design logo came from a cursor, a circle, and the implied motion of the mouse in use. The 2003 "moving forward" logo implied travel and motion. The script font (not shown here) adds to the "style" element. I went with primary colors on these. I still use the "motion" logo for emphasis and list bullet-points.

2006 - This logo comes from two crescent moon shapes and the N in the original script font from 1988. The blue hues contrast nicely on yellow, gold, and white for printing and web pages.

2012 - The latest version simulates two moons passing by each other with the same styled N.


Who knows what I'll do as my next logo. It won't be for several years though. It takes a bit of effort to create a new look, so I do a little doodle in my spare time. 


Contact us by email, or phone: 866-575-9409